Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Airsoft Grenade Kit


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  • 125 dBa at a distance of 5 feet
    • Loud enough to be intimidating and disorienting
    • Compared to 140 decibels which is equivalent to a Jet engine at approximately 100ft distance
  • Hard anodized finish and durable CNC aluminum construction
  • Impact trigger mechanism
  • Pull ring safety pin design
  • Mylar burst elements provide fragment-free detonations
  • Affordable cost of using at under a dollar a detonation
  • 30wt Medium Silicon Oil used every other detonation is all the maintenance it needs
  • Green Gas or Propane Powered


Package Includes:

  • AI XL Banger Grenade
  • Grenade Oil
  • (30) Burst Elements
  • Fill Valve Cover Rubber Bands
  • Spare Grenade Labels
  • Manual

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Weight 1.2 lbs