Meet our Staff

Get to know all the faces, names, and call signs of your favorite HiFi Resupply staff members.


(L) Andrew on the way home from a tour with FARIS after Centurion Milsim’s Oscar Mike in October 2018
(R) Andrew in Afghanistan in 2013 while deployed with the United States Marine Corps

Andrew is the one who started this all. In September of 2017, he created HiFi Resupply. And here we are today, providing you all with all of your airsoft needs, on and off the field. If you’d like to see how we came to be, check our About Us page. Andrew is a wonderful support to us all, in HiFi and in our day to day lives. We couldn’t do what we do without him.

Andrew is the one who deals with all of the purchasing, runs day-to-day operations, answers all of your questions about guns and gear, and get all your airsoft gear and guns delivered to you. He also is the one who is pitching airsoft to some of our bigger clients. Andrew also helps to organize events with other local event hosts. And helps to push the community to have more mini-milsim style games, as there are few in our local community. He’s the face of our company, and loves getting out on the field to play just like you all.

Andrew is a 5 year United States Marine Corps veteran and served on active duty as a 0311 Rifleman. He was deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2013. We love being a combat veteran owned and operated company and thank Andrew for all he’s done for us and our country. He currently works on real weapons at his day job and puts in the hours for HiFi at night. He is also a great and dedicated husband and father.


(L) Kasey being our model for the Lancer Tactical AK RIS and Greenzone Plate Carrier
(R) Kasey when she isn’t posing for HiFi

Kasey started off with only cheering Andrew on. Around March of 2018, she finally decided that Andrew needed all the help he could get, and immediately threw herself into helping and pushing HiFi to bigger and better things.

Kasey helps Andrew run day-to-day operations, answers any questions you all have, talks to companies, schedules everything, heads up our marketing, runs all social medias, and takes all your money on game days. She also helps to make sure everyone has everything they need and keeps us all organized. She does a lot of the behind the scenes work and also helps to run events whenever it’s needed.

Kasey is a tax preparer, and does HiFi work when she isn’t getting you your refund. She is also a woderful wife and mother.


(L) Landon at Indy Paintball Battleground for Airsoft Open Play in August 2018
(R) Landon at The Predator Zone for Wayne County Airsoft’s Campsoft 2018 on May 26, 2018

Landon has been on this business train with us from the very beginning. He went to the game with Andrew that sparked the idea to start HiFi. He also went to the very first game we ever went to as a vendor (Codename: Tunder by Point3Airsoft in October of 2017), and has been to every game he possibly can get to since we began.

Landon helps us with setting up and taking down our mobile store, helps make sales, helps customers, helps to ref and run events we host, and most importantly, is the comic relief we all need after a long day at a game. He also helps people find us on social media, and sends anyone in need of anything airsoft, our way. He also is always out on the field playing, and of course, decked in HiFi gear.

Landon is currently a high school student, who also works part time as a cook and host at a quaint little restaurant. He is also a wonderful brother and uncle.


(L) Chris gearing up to take the field at The Boneyard Airsoft Field
(R) Chris being way too excited and in his kit even before he’s left the house

Chris joined our team in the summer of 2018. He and Andrew got to talking at a game at The Boneyard Airsoft Field and never quit talking. He knew he wanted to be a part of our business, and were so thankful to have the help and the excited energy added to our team.

He is our unofficial business partner, and our sounding board to some of our ideas. He also helps to answer any airsoft questions you guys have, helps with set up and tear down, making sales, and running events we host.

Chris has only been playing airsoft since summer 2018. Before, he had been religiously playing paintball since 2007. Thankfully, he switched to airsoft. He currently works for a contracting company for his day job. Chris has been an absolute blessing to have on the team, and we can’t wait to grow more with him.


Braxton at his field, Boneyard Airsoft Field in Bloomington, IN.

Braxton is one of our great friends. We met Braxton in 2018 at Mutual Combat Club in Spencer, Indiana. From there, we got incredibly close and became amazing friends. We couldn’t be more thankful for his friendship and encouragement.

Braxton owns The Boneyard Airsoft Field in Bloomington, Indiana. Since we became friends, we have been invited to every game the Boneyard puts on, to set up our mobile store. We’ve even been apart of planning some of the bigger events Boneyard puts on.

He has always supported us, invited us over just to hang out, for private games, cookouts, and lots more. We were so happy when he said yes to joining our team. Braxton is an amazing friend and even better partner, and dog dad.


Shelby is our newest staff member. She joined us during our prep for our event (Operation: Lightning Strike, December 1, 2018), which was the first event we had ever hosted. She and Kasey have been friends, and one day asked if we ever needed help with HiFi. Of course we loved having her help for Lighting Strike. It made it so all of our other staff could get to run the event as smoothly as possible for our players. Since then, she’s helped us at every event she can possibly attend.

Shelby helps us set up, tear down, and run sales. She doesn’t know much about airsoft (yet). Don’t worry, we’re teaching her, and she’s picking it up quickly. She also helps to spread the word of HiFi, and helps to send anyone who needs airsoft gear, our direction. Shelby also helps to cheer us up on long and tiring days. Her, Landon, and Kasey, together never fail to make everyone laugh with their goofy antics.

Shelby is a tax preparer and painter. She also is a great, supportive friend, and an amazing mother to a sweet little boy, and due with another boy soon!