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Operation: Rawhide 2

OPERATION: Rawhide 2

At Operation: Rawhide 2 after the closing and giveaways.
At Operation: Rawhide 2 after the closing and giveaways.

We are very grateful to have helped plan and run Operation: Rawhide 2 hosted by Boneyard Airsoft Events at Rawhide Ranch USA in Nashville, Indiana. It was a blast to have players from as far as Missouri, Chicago, and Michigan to come down to Indiana to sling some plastic with us. The weather took a nasty turn on the event’s first night (Saturday) and began to snow heavily which caused the player’s raid to be partially obscured by the snowflakes and low light. Regardless, the players put up a great fight against the OPFOR and returned to the Assembly Area for some great food, camaraderie and drinks (for those 21+) from the bar on site.

Map and Scheme of Maneuver for Rawhide 2

The second day was much larger and had many more players on site to execute a large clearing operation through the forest around Rawhide Ranch. The players launched squads into the forest to clear out Steel Brigade (OPFOR) and had a lot of tough fights over the unforgiving, steep, hilly terrain. The map doesn’t do the AO justice (as far as the steep terrain is concerned) but it was definitely a factor in the movements of the players and of the OPFOR. The players repeatedly attacked and slowly cleared through each phase line (white lines on the map above), but they were just too much for the OPFOR and eventually overran their position. In the end, the players were successful in defeating the OPFOR and preventing the spread of Steel Brigade in the AO.

Thank you to all of the other vendors who came out:
Birds of Prey Armory
Veterans For Airsoft
Darkfire Airsoft

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Situation Report (SITREP) & OP: Danger Close 2


We at HiFi Resupply have been organizing ourselves with new products and ways to get our name out their to players. We have finally got our first batches of HiFi Resupply patches and decals! We will be ordering more as needed (and as requested).

The store has been updated with it’s full inventory. We are still working on getting the proper category tags on our products, but the search function is the best way to locate everything. We have been testing out the Product Category menus (drop down menu vs. all categories visible) but we’re still experimenting with what works best.

We are getting organized to attend some events in the future. The next event that we will be attending is Operation: Danger Close 2 (October 6-7th)  at Mutual Combat Club in Spencer, Indiana. It is being hosted by Point3Airsoft  ( in conjunction with American Milsim and BG Airsoft.

“After a crushing defeat at the hands of the New Patriot Order, the United Coalition Forces have rallied their remaining troops in an all out effort to cull the NPO onslaught. Utilizing danger close artillery and strategic surgical strikes on key objectives, Operation Danger Close 2 will soon commence.”

We will have a selection of necessities along with the brand new Odin M12 Speedloader . Hurry and register to confirm your position on the roster for the latest and greatest game by Point3Airsoft.

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Hello fellow Airsofters!!

Welcome to HiFi Resupply. Please be aware that we are still in the process of getting our store up and running. We are very excited to take an active role in the building and betterment of the community. We plan to have our online store fully operational by October (Just in time for some great fall events)!

We will be attending some upcoming games in the future that we will be posting links to so, watch out!