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Myers, Fla. Some are surprisingly candid Donald Morrison: They arrested me for possessing child pornography cause I had nude pictures of her on my computer.

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Myers, Fla. Some are surprisingly candid Donald Morrison: They arrested me for possessing child pornography cause I had nude pictures of her on my computer.

Free gay chat rooms surprise

chta They ended up dropping the charges. Thomas Coffen: I just came over to say "hi. They all had something in common: everyone of them chatted online about having sex with a person posing as a young teen, made a date to meet, and then showed up at our undercover house. Chief Hilton Daniels, Ft. I believe the furthest one drove miles, to Fort Myers to have sex with. Chief Daniels: Anything could have happened in that house.

The person would have cleaned up and drove away and as law enforcement agencies, we would never have known who that person was. But fortunately, there are no real children in the house.

Instead, there are decoys, members of an sudprise watchdog chatt called Perverted-Justice. Dateline hired them as consultants to do what they normally do: set up profiles of 12 to 15 year olds, and in this case, go into Florida chat rooms and wait to be contacted by a grown up. Once an adult starts messaging, a decoy will often pretend to be home alone and willing to have sex.

Over the course of three days, men came knocking on our door and our 13 hidden cameras recorded their every move. From the minute they turn onto our street until they walk surprisr our living room, cameras were rolling but the potential predators have no idea. He walks into gya backyard and knocks on the wrong door. No one answers so he makes a call— no answer the phone either. Finally he hears our decoy and he inside.

Fre Brenes: Where you at? Brenes: Can I come in? Although Perverted-Justice members are actually the decoys who conduct the chats online, we hired an actress to pretend to be the girl alone in our house. Decoy: Sit down on the chair and eat some cookies, I just have to change real quick. Instead of finding a minor alone, he meets me. Hansen: How was your bus ride? Brenes: Good. Hansen: How long were you on the bus? Brenes: Awhile sir. Hansen: How many hours, about?

Brenes: um, about four. Hansen: Did you bring condoms with you? I always bring them with me.

people have already ed, jump in!

Hansen: You always bring condoms. Brenes: Yes, sir.

Free gay chat rooms surprise

Hansen: You show up with beer. You show up with condoms after a sexually charged online conversation at a home where you believe a year-old girl is alone for the weekend. And what could he be guilty of in the state of Florida? Using the Internet to attempt to solicit a minor for sex—a felony. Brenes: Just me being dumb.

Hansen: What do you think should happen to you?

Free gay chat rooms surprise

Brenes: I think that I should get the death penalty, sir. Perverted-Justice has been sending the sexually explicit online chat logs between its decoys and the potential predators to the Fort Myers police department and state prosecutors. Police officer: Do you have any ID on you? Brenes: You have my wallet sir. The next morning he appears before a judge. And bail is set.

Judge: There is probable cause as to all the charges. His story is only one in a long line of potential predators who come knocking on our door. On the first day alone, 10 men show up at our undercover house in Fort Myers, Florida where supposedly a young teen is home by herself and ready to have sex.

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He lied to her about his age claiming to be Brian Gosselin hidden camera : I got some wine coolers. Decoy: Wine coolers are just fine. Decoy: I know, the house hcat beautiful, I love my house. Gosselin: Yeah. Are you the only child? Decoy: Yeah. Decoy: Oh, did you bring protection?

Free gay chat rooms surprise

Decoy: Perfect. Decoy: See I knew this was going to be a set up. Hansen: Surpise did? Hansen: How did you know that? Gosselin: Just cause the way she was talking online. But most men who show up at our house are willing to talk, like year-old Kenneth Forton. He describes detailed plans for their sexual rendezvous. He says he likes to start with oral sex. And he also asks if he can do more. Hansen walks out : How you doing? Kenneth Forton: Alright, how are you?

Forton: Rather young. As in? Hansen: suprrise And how old are you? Forton: During their online chat, they talked about condoms. Forton: No. Hansen: No.

Free gay chat rooms surprise

Not in your car? Hansen: Did you bring marijuana? Hansen: Are you sure? Forton: Uh-huh affirms.

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But is he telling the truth? But now, he does admit to bringing one thing. Hansen: Did you bring rope with you tonight? Forton: I have rope in my car. For my job.

Free gay chat rooms surprise

Hansen: You talk about using the rope in various sex acts with this year old girl. Just talking. Forton: Yes, I do. Hansen: Well, why should I believe that? Hansen: You have a 6-year-old daughter. How would you feel if a stranger came into your home? Forton: Bad judgment. There seems to be a lot of bad judgment in the air. Decoy hidden camera footage : Just sit down and watch TV for a little bit. Elias Bailon: Where are you? Just take a seat.

Bailon: Okay. Decoy: I made you some cookies. Did you bring me my drinks?