Companies We Support

14th LID Airsoft Team

The 14th LID is an airsoft team that we sponsor! They are based in Northern Indiana and Michigan.

They’re an upstanding and professional team to work with. They have a lot of military veterans on their team, which we love as we’re a veteran owned and operated company. They travel all over as a team, and exude the greatness that embodies the airsoft community we know and love. We’re very excited to see where this new venture will take us as a business and where it will take the 14th LID as a team.

Be sure to check them out at their Facebook page HERE


The Boneyard Airsoft Field has supported and encouraged us since the day we met. The Boneyard staff are amazing people who love to support the local airsoft community.

They have a 5 acre field with lots of cool field pieces. A “Vanicopter,” which is an old van that was converted into a helicopter, several cars (one called “The Death Trap”), tire barriers, a giant barn, and much more. They are also in the process of building more buildings.

The Boneyard Airsoft Field is in Bloomington, Indiana. They are a free field run solely on donations. They are only open on designated days, but they host tons of games spring through summer. The Boneyard also holds events at other fields from time to time, so be sure to look out for those

They are a great support to us, and the entire airsoft community, so be sure to check our their Facebook page HERE and give them the love they deserve.


Veterans for Airsoft is a non-profit organization that’s sole mission is to connect military veterans to MILSIM. They raise money to send vets to national level milsim events. They also provide gear, guns, lodging, and food for the vets going to events.

As our leader Andrew, is a combat veteran, this organization hits close to home. Since he is a vet, Andrew got to go to his first ever national level milsim event thanks to VFA. They sponsored him to go to Centurian Milsim’s Oscar Mike in October of 2018.

To donate, go to and click DONATE. You also can buy patches, stickers, and lots of other cool things.

Be sure to check them out, and donate to send vets to airsoft games. Check out their Facebook page HERE


Birds of Prey Armory is an indoor field. But, its an old abandoned school building in a tiny town in Indiana. There’s three stories to this old school, and lots of cool rooms. They host games frequently. They’re also licensed Enola Gaye distributors.

They’ve been around since September of 2018. And they’re working hard to work on getting it ready to be open full time. They’re also an amazing team, with a great group. They’re great, honest players, who truly love the sport and the community. They do everything they can to support us, and the airsoft community as a whole.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE and be sure to get out to their field and play! Also check out their YouTube channel for some awesome game play footage.


Upside Prints is located in Bedford, Indiana. They are a t-shirt printing company, even though they do more than t-shirts. We’ve been going to them since the summer of 2018. Before we went to them, we had so many issues with printing t-shirts. Wrong sizes, wrong design, poorly printed, too expensive, lots of issues. When we finally got to Upside, we realized we were in good hands.

The owner, Anthony Owens, is also a United States Marine Corps veteran. We love buying and working with other veteran owned companies. He makes sure to get our t-shirts and all of our other merch looking good. We know he’s a high quality guy, putting out high quality shirts.

If you’re ever in need of t-shirts or anything else, be sure to call Upside prints. Check their Facebook HERE and website and get what you need!


PatchOps is out of Cleveland, Ohio. They are a patch printing company, and do 3D full PVC patches. PatchOps is our patch company! Our patches look and feel amazing. They’re going to last over a long time and always look amazing.

We found PatchOps because our owner, Andrew, saw them posted in a Marine Corps vet Facebook page, and knew we had to order from another veteran owned company. We sent in for a quote on our custom HiFi patches, and found out the guy also was a grunt! It was meant to be. From then on, we’ve been pals with the owner, Tim Hickey, his wife and their two boys. We even got Tim out to his first ever airsoft event! We absolutely love working with companies who turn out to be great friends of ours.

If you, your team or your field need patches, be sure to check out PatchOps and support veteran owned businesses! Check out their Facebook page HERE!