About Us


We believe in airsofters and the airsoft community. Therefore, we are founded on the idea that airsofters, new and seasoned, need access to gear, guns, bbs, batteries, goggles, ect., at events, easily and at competitive prices.

We want everyone who plays, to be able to pick up a bottle of BBs at a game when they run out unexpectedly. We want for someone whose gun went down that morning, has easy access to a rental gun that will preform like a dream and keep them in the fight. We want a player who needs to have a spare battery, to be able to pick up exactly what they need on their way home from the event. We want the seasoned players who want the fancy gear, to be able to get it to them in a reasonable amount of time. We want easy access to airsoft equipment for all players.

We believe in players and want them to have everything they need to get out on the field, and to have all the cool-guy gear they can dream of.

HiFi wants to make sure there is more variety to our local airsoft community when it comes to games. Open plays are great ways to get into the community and to meet all of the players. We also know that our local community needs more access to mini-milsim style games. Which is why whenever we host a game, we hope to make it as milsim as we can. Creating these events and scenarios are the best way to introduce younger and newer players to milsim. We want equal opportunity for locals and newer players to know what it’s like to attend a milsim style game. We do our best to give players of all types, an amazing experience at our events.


Our owner and boss, Andrew, played occasionally before 2010. He then left the sport while he was active duty in the United States Marine Corps. When he moved back to Indiana in 2016, he decided to get back into the sport, with the encouragement of his brother, Josh. When he did, he knew he wanted to get to some bigger games.

He found one that wasn’t too far from home and started buying. Getting everything he and Landon would need to go. Andrew prepped for weeks trying to make sure he had everything they would need on the field for the event. Unfortunately, even with all the prep-work Andrew still had things break, or didn’t have quite what he needed on hand. Therefore, making him have to buy whatever was needed at the vendors that were onsite.

HiFi Resupply was a dream Andrew had when he got home from that event in September of 2017. He wanted to be a vendor that went to local games and had reasonable prices. And that’s just what he did. He got to work quickly, setting up the online store, and buying an inventory for the mobile store.

Here we are today, going to any and every event we can, and providing all players with the necessities and even fun and exciting gear. We even host a few events from time to time. We’ve grown so much since 2017 and we still can’t believe how successful we’ve been.

HiFi Resupply is growing bigger and better every day. We appreciate the support and friendships we’ve gained from our beginning to present day. Check our Companies We Support page to see some of those people. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. Or without the support of you all. Every player who has bought a battery, a gun, bottle of BBs, a patch, or a t-shirt, we truly appreciate you. You help to encourage us to be better and help support our dream. So thank you, to all of you who support us. You truly keep us going.